The Sofa

I’m always saying I wish a piece of furniture could tell me its story. Well, a sofa told me its story this past week, kind of. It started when I came to work on Monday and had a message from a couple passing through the area. They had seen an antique green sofa which I purchased at a college sale on a website for alumni. Little did I know that another alumni from the college had seen the sofa at my shop and posted its picture. I had plans to refinish the sofa and add new fabric to bring it back to life. My plans were put on the back burner and the sofa sat in my shop. Well, it turns out that this is the exact sofa the gentleman who left the message sat on as a young man waiting for his now wife to come down to meet him for a date. (This all girls college did not allow young men to go into the area where young ladies had their rooms so someone would call the gals to notify them of a visitor.) The gentleman told me he sat on that sofa many times waiting for his now wife to come down the stairs to see him. They even have a picture of themselves when dating in front of the sofa! What a wonderful happy ending/beginning for this sofa. I am so glad it could tell me its story.

Upcycling a table with milk paint

I am not a fan of late ‘80’s early ‘90’s cherry furniture.  It just never looked right in my home but would look great in the homes of others.  Well, thanks to my sister-in-law Debbie, I have found a way to love this style of furniture.  She visited Sunday with her husband Michael and daughter Emily.  Debbie brought a table she has had for quite a while and wanted it painted with milk paint to give it an update.  I thought, “Ok I will paint this and it will look alright.”  Well, I must say I am amazed at the difference.  I wish I had taken a before picture but you guys know the look….dark, shiny, and formal.  Now, with a few coats of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint and white wax it is lighter, casual, not so shiny and hip.  I can really see this piece blending with many different styles rather than just “formal”.  Thanks to Deb for having the vision.  I love it!

The Punch Bowl Saga

I have been wondering lately why punch bowls do not seem to be very popular anymore. (This could be because I have three at the shop that just are not selling.) I have two of my own that I use occasionally. A punch bowl just seems to make things taste better not to mention the presentation can be beautiful. I remember as a child one of my grandmothers had a punch bowl and I was mesmerized whenever she used it. Lime sherbet, pineapple juice and ginger ale just seemed to taste appealing when mixed in a punch bowl. I remember feeling so grown up to be able to use a ladle to dip into the bowl and pour into a small glass cup. It was just plain fancy. I will certainly use my punch bowls on occasion when my granddaughters come over. What the heck, I may even use one when I invite neighbors over. So, if you have never had a get together where a punch bowl has been involved and you would like to experience one such get together come by the shop and I can help you out!

Milk Paint and Personality

I love the unpredictability of Milk Paint. It allows pieces to give themselves a personality again. I usually don’t pay a lot for items I purchased and usually they had seen their better days. I never hesitate to experiment with different ways of refinishing or re-purposing things. Lately, I have been using Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint to revive old pieces of furniture and I now offer the product in my store. I started using the paint in my own home before owning a business, where I paint pretty much every day. Milk paint will cover raw wood but furniture with some type of a finish on them in a previous life will many times chip and peel in the most wonderful way. It gives the look of time having gently worn a dresser or side table to perfection for today.

Come by the Urban Farm Girl and I’ll show you how to use Milk Paint and get great results.

What’s happening at Urban Farm Girl right now……..

Some of you may have noticed a very yellow bike in the window at Urban Farm Girl.  If you stopped to read the flyer attached to the bike, you would know that we are hosting a dinner to help my friend Laurie at the Maury River Senior Center raise money for Meals on Wheels and other Senior Programs here in the valley.

Laurie is so upbeat and excited about any project that can benefit our community so why wouldn’t I say “yes” when asked to host a dinner in my store.

On the evening of March 26th, the store will become a restaurant complete with a buffet, band and tables to sit and enjoy your meal catered by the Southern Inn!

There will also be a quilt auction during this event.  Tickets are for sale at Urban Farm Girl and on line at www.wheelsformealsva.info  Please come out to support this very worthwhile event!